Student Appeal


If a student who is punished due to violations and  other decisions influencing any rights or interests of students and students organizations  related to life, learning and education rights believes that the punishment is illegal or violated his/her rights, s/he can apply for an appeal to SGC in accordance with these regulations. If a student union or other related student self-government organizations dissatisfy punishment or other measures or resolutions issued by NTU, they also could apply for an appeal to SGC.

2.NTU regulation links

A.Student Appeal Regulations (PDF file).
B.Regulations Governing the NTU Student Grievances Committee (PDF file).

3.Student appeal case examples, and

A.Ministry of Education Administrative Appeal Decision search system
B.The Judicial Yuan interpretation search system
C.The Judicial Yuan Of The Republic of China Law and Regulations Retrieving System

4.Application forms and procedure download

5.Student appeal Q&A link

6.Contact information: Mr. Lin Syue-Cheng of the NTU Office of Student Affairs, phone number 02-3366-2048