Group insurance

If the students who take part in the insurance need to be observed in the hospital because of certain diseases or accidents, or when the accidents cause physical disabilities or death, the insurance fund would be paid according to the standards of the insurance clauses.

The process is figured as follow :

1.A formal degree student of NTU is hospitalized due to accident. Note: the healing places does not including alternative therapies.

2.The student in hospital applies medical certificate, medical expenses receipts reserved copy or photocopy from the same medical institution. Note: photocopy receipts needs to be stamped by the medical institution to declare that it is identical to the reserved copy.

3.The student prepares other data, such as application form, copies of passbook , bank book in Taiwan and student id card.

4.The student delivers all the data to Department of StudentAssistance at main campus,or the branches at Schoolof Medicine.

5.The insurance company retrieves documents at the university once per week. It requires approximately 20 working days for the insurance company to finish the inspection process.

6.If additional documents are needed, the student will be noticed.

7.The benefits will be remitted into the student’s saving account as soon as the inspection passes.